Articles in the Media

‘The War on Truth, Dissent and Free Speech’ OffGuardian, October 2020  also published in the Hague Times and Multipolar

“Is Public Opinion Being Shaped by the Facts – or ‘Terrorised’ by Propaganda” Op ed for RT, May 2020. 

‘The Propaganda of Terror and Fear: A lesson from recent history’, OffGuardian, April 2020.

‘9/11 Unmasked: A Review’ Off Guardian, September 2018.

‘Helping Syria: It’s time for an end to regime change wars’ Open Democracy June 2017

‘After the London Bridge Attack: the war on terror was always about initiating aggressive wars’ Open Democracy June 2017

‘Propaganda Here and Now, Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM), February 2017.

‘Fake News, Propaganda and Threats to Journalism’ Spinwatch, January 2017.

‘Russian News Media Maybe Biased-But is is much western media’ The Guardian August 2016

‘The Chilcot Report: an initial assessment’, Spinwatch, July 2016.

‘The Chilcot Report: an end to smoke and mirrors? Manchester Policy Blogs (University of Manchester), June 2016.

‘The importance of the Chilcot Report for International Relations Scholars’ E-International Relations August 2016

‘The British government has already forgotten the great dangers of propaganda’ The Guardian May 2016

‘Media as a Driving Force in International Politics: The CNN Effect and Related Debates’ E-International Relations June 2013