Selected Talks and Appearances

Interview with Gordon Dimmack on the OPCW/Douma controversy plus CIJA, April 2021.

Interview on propaganda and contemporary eastern warfare/attacks on dissent with Renegade Inc, March 2021. 

Interview about propaganda in contemporary western democracies on iHeart Radio (A good place with Ella), March 2021.

Interview on Slow News Day on propaganda and threats to freedom of speech, March 2021.

Interviewed regarding Bellingcat and OPCW Controversy for article ‘Bellingcat’s new book accused of ‘whitewashing’ of manipulation of OPCW on alleged chemical attack’, by Mohamed Elmaazi, Sputnik, February 2021.

Interview with Patrick Henningsen on 21st Century Wire discussing propaganda, manufacturing consent and issues of war, Syria, OPCW controversy and COVID-19. February 2021.

Interviewed about Computer Games, ideology and propaganda for Wired magazine, ‘The World in Cyberpunk is hollow, the posters prove it: Sex and violence sells, I guess’ by Stacey Henley, February 2021.

Interview with Lee Stranahan on ‘The Backstory’, Sputnik, discussing propaganda and COVID-19 :- segment 00.23 to 01.00. January 2021

Interview of ‘Faultlines’, Sputnik, discussing OPCW/Douma scandal and Big Tech Censorship, with Shane Stranahan & Jamarl Thomas, segment:- 32.24-59.28. January 2021.

Interview on UK Column regarding Times/Huffington Post Smear Campaign Against Academics Researching Syria, 12 June 2020.

Interview UK Column regarding Times attack on Academics and the Corona Virus/Covid-19. April 2020.

Interview on Geo-Politics and Empire regarding Corona Virus/COVID-19 and 9/11, April 2020.

Interview on Indus News regarding child victims of the war in Syria, March 2020.

Interview with Anna Brees on Mainstream Media Bias, War in Syria and the OPCW/Douma Scandal, March 2020.

Interview on Faultlines, Sputnik Washington DC, on Douma and OPCW, February 2020.

Interview on RTUK re UK covert propaganda ops in Syria, February 2020.

Interview on Renegade Inc with Ross Ashcroft and Tareq Hadded on Propaganda, OPCW and Current State of Journalism, January 2020.

UK House of Commons Presentation (with Professors Paul McKeigue and David Miller plus former Guardian journalist Jonathan Steele and John Holmes (Chair)) Regarding the OPCW and the Douma Investigation, January 2020.

Interview with Gordon Dimmack on Propaganda, OPCW Scandal and the State of Democracy, January 2020

Interview with RT regarding latest Douma/OPCW leaks, December 2019.

Interview with Zvezda TV regarding OPCW leaks and Douma Investigation. December 2019.

Interview with Stranahan and Nixon regarding OPCW leaks and Douma FFM investigation, Faultlines, Sputnik Washington D.C. December 2019.

Interview with Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon regarding OPCW Douma Report Leaks, FaultLines, Sputnik Washington D.C. November 2019.

Interview on Renegade Inc alongside Dr Tara McCormack on Corruption and the OPCW investigation of Douma plus antiwar movement today, October 2019.

Interview with Waqar Rivzi, Indus News, regarding 77th Brigade and Twitter Manipulation, October 2019.

Interview on RT International regarding 77th Brigade and Twitter Manipulation, October 2019.

Talk on Academia, Propaganda and State of Knowledge Regarding the 9/11 ‘War on Terror, Perspectives on 9/11 Master Class, Zurich, September 2019.

Interview with Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon regarding Alleged Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria, Fault Lines, Sputnik Washington D.C. September 2019.

Interviewed for Sputnik News article regarding US Sanctions on Syria following chemical weapon attack allegation, September 2019.

Interview with Indus News on Propaganda and War, (20:00 onwards), September 2019.

Interview with Indus News concerning civilian casualties and UN estimates in Idlib, Syria, August 2019. (segment 15.55-21.30)

RT International segment on Ghouta 2013 Anniversary and the OPCW Investigations of Alleged Chemical Weapon Attacks in Syria, August 2019.

Interview on Indus News with Meshal Malik on Syria and child casualties, July 2019:- 26-44

Interview on ‘Conversations with Slava’ about OPCW and Douma Report, July 2019

Interview with Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon, Fault Lines, Sputnik Washington D.C. regarding RussiaGate, Mueller Report and Propaganda, July 2019

Interview with Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon, Fault Lines, Sputnik Washington D.C regarding OPCW leak, Iran and Propaganda, June 2019.

Interview regarding OPCW leak and Douma Investigation with Indus News, June 2019.

Interview with Zvezda Russian State TV Channel regarding OPCW Leak and Douma, Syria, June 2019.

Interview with Patrick Henningsen, 21st Century Wire on leaked OPCW document, May 2019.

Interview RT International regarding leaked OPCW document, May 2019.

Article in Novini by Eric van de Beek on Leaked OPCW Engineering Report, May 2019

Article in Sputnik on leaked OPCW Engineering Report, May 2019.

Interview with Sputnik (Washington D.C.) on Leaked OPCW Engineering Report, May 2019.

Interview on Iran-US Nuclear Deal with Sputnik (Spanish), 8 May 2019.

Online Vigil for Julian Assange, ‘Unity4J’, interview with Suzie Dawson on propaganda and democracy, 7April 2019.

Interview on ‘Faultlines’, Sputnik D.C. with Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon on the Anti-Semitism Attacks on Corbyn and Syria, 4 April 2019.

Interview about Integrity Initiative Leaks, RT International, March 29 2019.

Interview with RT on Riam Dalati and Douma/Syria alleged chemical weapon attack. February 2019. 

Interview with James Wright The Canary on Mainstream Media and Propaganda February 2019.

Interview with Susan Landauer about Propaganda on Truth Frequency Radio January 2019

Interview with Kevin Barrett on Propaganda and Contemporary Society, January 2019.

Interview with NachDenkSeiten on the Integrity Initiative January 2019

Interview on ‘Faultiness’, Sputnik, with Lee Stranahan on the Integrity Initiative (December 2018)

Interview RT (UK) on the Integrity Initiative (last section of report) December 2018.

Interview on Sputnik, (Moscow) on UK government ‘New Cold War’ announcement, December 2018.

Interview on ‘Faultiness’, Sputnik US (D.C) on the Integrity Initiative and Propaganda in the UK, December 2018.

Interviewed for Dan Cohen’s ‘The Syria Deception:Al Qaeda Goes to Hollywood’, Grayzone Project, September 2018 (beginning at 23.44).

Interview on REN (Russia), ‘Dobrev on Air’ on Syria, September 2018, (beginning at 0.15)

Interview on NTV (Russia), ‘Results of the Week with Irada Zejnalovoj’ on Syria, September 2018 (Beginning at 48).

Interview on ‘Sunday Wire’, 21st Century Wire on Skripal poisoning latest, war in Syria and the state of the media, September 2018.

Sky News interview on Skripal poisoning, Russia and Syria, September 2018.

Interview on ‘Loud and Clear’, Radio Sputnik (Washington D.C.) on Skripal poisoning and US-Russia Relations, September 2018.

‘Report by Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media Undermines Claims of Chemical Attacking Douma’ in World Socialist Website, September 2018.

Interview with RT America on Douma briefing note and chemical weapon attacks in Syria, August 2018.

Interview with ‘Fault Lines’, Sputnik Washington D.C., on Skripal, Douma, Propaganda and Smears, July 2018

Interview for Al Jazeera’s Listening Post on Yemen and Media Coverage Failings, June 2018

Interview for Al Jazeera’s Listening Post on Yemen and Media Coverage plus later section on Syria and chemical weapons events June 2018.

Interview (alongside Dr Florian Zollmann) Renegade Inc: ‘Modern Day Propaganda’, June 2018.

‘Media on Trial’ Lecture On Propaganda and the ‘War on Terror’ from 9/11 to Syria [Leeds] May 2018

‘War Propaganda and Smear: an interview with Professor Piers Robinson; Part One,’ World Socialist Website (May 2018) Part Two Part Three

Interview on RT UK regarding Cabinet Rules and Resort to War (Post Chilcot), May 2018.

Sky News Debate Regarding Alleged Chemical Weapon Attack in Douma and Syria with Henry Jackson Society Executive Director, April 2018.

Interview go Going Underground (RT) Regarding Skripal Poisoning, March 2018

Interview on John Wight’s Hard Facts (Sputnik) on Skripal and West-Russia Relations, March 2018

Interview for The Atlantic ‘The “CNN effect” Dies in Syria’, March 2018

Interview on Google and information manipulation, RT International, November 2017

‘Media on Trial’ [London] Frome Stop the War (October 2017)

Interview on ‘Sunday Wire’, 21st Century Wire (October 2017)

Inaugural Professorial Lecture: Propaganda and Manipulation in Democracies  (September 2017)

Interview on ‘Sunday Wire’, 21st Century Wire (June 2017) 

‘Media on Trial [Somerset]’ Frome Stop the War, Presentation (June 2017) 

Interview on Propaganda and Syria Going Underground, RT (March 2017)

Interview on Propaganda and Syria on Going Underground, RT (January 2017)

Interview on the Chilcot Report and the Iraq War ‘Inside Story’, Al Jazeera, June 2016 

Interview on Propaganda (with David Miller) at Bath Conference on Terrorism (June 2016)

24 Hour News, War and Media talk, Peace Research Institute Norway (PRIO) (2011)